Shinobi wanted to become the greatest swordsman in all the land. He knew that for this to happen the extra edge he needed was to learn Swami’s secret knowledge. For Swami knew how to transcend the illusion of the physical world.

The strength of Shinobi’s desire led him through the thick jungle, across the frozen mountain pass and after many months, finally to where Swami lived.

Shinobi : I have found you at last oh Great Swami! I want to be your disciple.

Swami: Go away! You are not worthy of me!

Shinobi : Indeed I am worthy! Over many months I have crossed jungles and mountains to find you, which no other swordsman since the reign of the 8th Emperor has been able to do. If there is any such swordsman more worthy than myself bring him forth and I will duel him!

Narrator: Little did Shinobi know that Swami was one such worthy swordsman. With a simple twirl of his finger Swami exhibited his yogic powers. Shinobi felt his own body twirl and the ground beneath his feet disappear.

Shinobi lay flat in his back blinking. Never before had he been defeated, never so quickly and never without a sword. Despite all his hubris and bravado Shinobi knew the importance of recognizing a new dimension when it became apparent and elevating his worldview by embracing it.

Shinobi: I apologize for my arrogance. I should not have intruded on you.

Narrator: This apology was proof of Shinobi’s worthiness. He had demonstrated strong desire, a will to grow… and humbleness.

Swami: So what us it that you seek?

Narrator: Now that he had been asked, Shinobi was trying to discern for the 1st time the true source of his hunger.

Shinobi: I want to be the best! I want to have the knowledge of the sages. I want to unlock the powers within me.

I want to know who I am! I want to be my self!

Narrator: In response to Shinobi’s desire, Swami revealed his subtle inner system of chakras, nadis and the kundalini to him.

Swami: To learn my knowledge, to know your self. You must first awaken your energy called kundalini like this: Put your right hand on your head and ask:

Kundalini, please give me my Self Realization.

Narrator: Mother Goddess was watching from Her abode and was pleased by Shinobi’s desire. She descended from the cosmos to bless Shinobi’s awakening with the grace of Her presence.

Shinobi: Kundalini, please give me my Self Realization.

Narrator: Shinobi was awakened and his mind settled into thoughtlessness. Now he could see past the illusion of the physical reality like Swami. No longer bound by earthly limitations, it was time to exert his new found powers.

Experimenting further he leaped upwards… and was able – at will – to suspend his own motion to land his whole self in mid- air too.

A burst of exhuberance and enthusiasm propelled his daring higher upward Shinobi took several more bounds higher into the sky until he could see over the mountain pass to the jungles from where he had traveled from.

Then for the exhilaration of free fall Shinobi surrendered himself for a few moments back to earthly gravity… but only for a few moments until he was hovering above the treetops.

Shinobi marveled at his own transcendence. He really had broken through the boundaries of physical reality. He could do anything. He could move anywhere. He could be anywhere. With his new ability to land himself in the air and stop his own motion he could out maneuver any challenge and attack from positions they could not fathom. Finally Shinobi could become undefeated in all the land!


The inflation of Shinobi’s ego suffocated his blossoming Enlightenment. His halo receded and so did his powers.

Shinobi’s glory had been tangible and now that he had lost it he was angry with himself.

Swami: Using your Enlightenment for worldly gain is a path only to destruction. The emphasis of status and worldly titles in your attention is falsehood.

Shinobi: But I can be the greatest swordsman! It is not a foolish endeavor! All swordsmen desire this! It is normal! All of society recognizes the worthiness of this pursuit. The best swordsmen have been rewarded with great fortune and glory.

Swami: Yes, It is indeed normal but only because not enough people know there is a better way.

Narrator: Humble yet again, Shinobu had no choice but to listen.

Swami: The true joy is not in some mystical Heaven but here in the present moment when your attention is established in thoughtlessness.

It is important to sit for a few minutes each day with your attention settled in thoughtlessness to nurture your Enlightenment. It will come back. Your true transcendence is when you have liberated yourself from your identifications, with who you think you are, your ideas, your opinions, your experiences. It is these misidentifications that lead to all of your worldly conflicts and confusions. They only provide temporary satisfaction. As time passes and they change the satisfaction is gone too. The joy misidentifications bring is not of an enduring nature.

Narrator: Shinobi did not understand Swamis’s teaching about identification and could not reconcile them with his desire to be the greatest swordsman. But he took the lesson to heart because he knew he had seen that something better Swami mentioned. So he settled himself into meditation in accordance with Swami’s teachings. He wanted to earn back his Enlightenment. His hunger for that better way had been catalyzed… Shinobi now almost desired to be the greatest Swami in all the land.

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