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One time the child’s kundalini is awaken. (See meditation technique post)

The next step is to learn how to keep this energy up and make a rainbow of protection around your body.

1. Raising the Kundalini energy

    • Raising Kundalini Step 1 Place the left hand in front of your lower abdomen, palm facing the body.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 2 Raise the left hand up slowly, moving from the base of your torso to the top of your head. While the left hand is rising, the right hand rotates around it clockwise, (up from within, and then down) until both hands are above the head.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 3 Then use both hands to tie a knot.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 4 Repeat this three times, once for each channel. The third time, tie the knot three times.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two, three.

(The Kundalini is considered our Mother energy because She takes care of us and give us joy and peacefulness).

2. Rainbow: 

Ask the child to do layer of vibrations that will provide him protection. This protection is known as “bandhan”. Imagine drawing a rainbow with his right hand from his left hip, over the top of his head and down to his right hip and back again. Back and forth is considered one time. Just as there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven chakras in the subtle system, your child should do this seven times to do a full bandhan.

You and the student can sing the rainbow song:

Rainbow, Rainbow, full of colours shining over me.

Rainbow, Rainbow, full of colours always shelters me

How to raise your energy and protect your body