ICE ICE…. A way to get cool down your Anger emotions and get better focus.


Hola amigos:)

If you are following this blog on the previous posts it was mentioned the moods and the power of the water to calm down our body. Here is another simple technique that requires only to go to your freezer and grab ice cubes:). You and your kiddo with enjoy it!.

Yes! ice cubes to reduce our thinking and get a better attention so we can enjoy the present moment . But how?.. Okay so let us talk about our liver. This important organ supplies the fuel to our brain to think. When your brain is stress your emotions start raising higher and higher and is when Mr. Angry comes along!. This kind of emotion can harm your body. Your liver start getting hot so it send signs to your brain and manifest agitation.

Brain and Liver

Ice pack or ice cubes will reduce tremendous amount of heat coming from your liver. Here is a great video that explains the ice technique.

Ice pack technique

Also check this picture:

Brain and Liver

Enjoy your day!

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