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High Five for Lemon or Lime!!


Hi five lemon Dear readers, Here is an interesting perspective about lemons, not only calms down our thirst when we make lemonade but also calm down our brain when we sleep!. Using a small lime or lemon under your pillow is another technique that helps to clear out the mind when you sleep. For Sahaja yoga which is the type of meditation is mentioned on this blog the lemon or lime plays a important part on removing the negativity thoughts that cause nightmares or any obstacle that does not allow to have a pleasant sleep. Lemon absorbs the bad energy from you. How a lemon can help us to sleep better? 1. Before you go to bed do a short meditation  that is mentioned on this blog then place a lemon or small lime under the pillow. 2. In the morning when you wake up, take your lemon and throw it in the trash. Try this and you will see. Thanks for reading this post hope it works for you. little_girl_napping_line_art