ICE ICE…. A way to get cool down your Anger emotions and get better focus.


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If you are following this blog on the previous posts it was mentioned the moods and the power of the water to calm down our body. Here is another simple technique that requires only to go to your freezer and grab ice cubes:). You and your kiddo with enjoy it!.

Yes! ice cubes to reduce our thinking and get a better attention so we can enjoy the present moment . But how?.. Okay so let us talk about our liver. This important organ supplies the fuel to our brain to think. When your brain is stress your emotions start raising higher and higher and is when Mr. Angry comes along!. This kind of emotion can harm your body. Your liver start getting hot so it send signs to your brain and manifest agitation.

Brain and Liver

Ice pack or ice cubes will reduce tremendous amount of heat coming from your liver. Here is a great video that explains the ice technique.

Ice pack technique

Also check this picture:

Brain and Liver

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High Five for Lemon or Lime!!


Hi five lemon Dear readers, Here is an interesting perspective about lemons, not only calms down our thirst when we make lemonade but also calm down our brain when we sleep!. Using a small lime or lemon under your pillow is another technique that helps to clear out the mind when you sleep. For Sahaja yoga which is the type of meditation is mentioned on this blog the lemon or lime plays a important part on removing the negativity thoughts that cause nightmares or any obstacle that does not allow to have a pleasant sleep. Lemon absorbs the bad energy from you. How a lemon can help us to sleep better? 1. Before you go to bed do a short meditation  that is mentioned on this blog then place a lemon or small lime under the pillow. 2. In the morning when you wake up, take your lemon and throw it in the trash. Try this and you will see. Thanks for reading this post hope it works for you. little_girl_napping_line_art


Why the water?

The water is a cleansing element from the mother earth that helps to release the tension of the body. What it does is to calm down the overactivity of the  brain, which is the one who tell you what to do.

What to get:

A Jug

A plastic bucket (to be used for this technique only).

A small towel


How to do it :

1.Fill the jug with water.

Fill the plastic bucket half way with warm water then add a handful of salt.

Get a chair and put the towel on floor.

Sit down with your back straight and raise the energy kundalini (see post: steps for raising the kundalini).

Put both hands facing up on the lap and breath three times.

Put your feet into the salted water bucket.

Then enjoy this simple technique called foot soaking. You can close your eyes if you want to.

For enhancing more your relaxation you may say the following affirmation: kundalini energy please help me to calm down and relax.

2.After meditating for about 8 minutes, rinse your feet with the fresh water in the jug and dry your feet on the towel. Pour the water from the bucket into the toilet and rinse the bucket with fresh water.

3. The last step is to sit down one more time, check how you feel after this and raise the kundalini again.You can do the foot soaking technique anytime.

Foot soaking at the river or in the ocean:

When the weather is warm go to the river or to the ocean to enjoy this cleansing technique. For that just put the feet in the water and raise the kundalini.

Using the power of the water to calm down


Our emotions are connected with our physical body.

There are 3 channels of energy that raise along the body.

The first channel  raises along the left side of the body. It takes care of the emotions.

The second channel raises along the right side of the body. It takes care of the activity.

The thrid channel raises along the centre of the body. It gives the balance.

These channels carry all the emotions and feelings, that is why some days the child is in bad or good mood.

To balance all this emotions, there is a simple meditation technique.

1. If the child feels sad, whiny or under the weather. It means the left channel of his body is down.

To balance:

Put the right hand on the ground and the left hand on the lap. (see the picture below).  Ask him to close his eyes and breath in and out 3 times.

2.  Or if  the child feels overexcited,upset, in a hurry or can not be settle down. It means the right channel of his body needs to calm down. Here is how to balance:

Put the right hand on the lap and the left hand up. ( See the picture below). Then ask him to close his eyes and breath in and out three times.

3. Now one time the child balances both sides (right and left channels). He will start getting the balance that the energy of  central channel gives. The child feels more calm, relax and enjoying himself.

Here is an example video:

Using meditation music helps the child to enhance the meditating state, click here and choose meditation music playlist.

Moods: How to balance them using a simple meditation technique


One time the child’s kundalini is awaken. (See meditation technique post)

The next step is to learn how to keep this energy up and make a rainbow of protection around your body.

1. Raising the Kundalini energy

    • Raising Kundalini Step 1 Place the left hand in front of your lower abdomen, palm facing the body.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 2 Raise the left hand up slowly, moving from the base of your torso to the top of your head. While the left hand is rising, the right hand rotates around it clockwise, (up from within, and then down) until both hands are above the head.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 3 Then use both hands to tie a knot.
    • Raising Kundalini Step 4 Repeat this three times, once for each channel. The third time, tie the knot three times.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two.

Uppy, uppy, uppy Mother Kundalini, one, two, three.

(The Kundalini is considered our Mother energy because She takes care of us and give us joy and peacefulness).

2. Rainbow: 

Ask the child to do layer of vibrations that will provide him protection. This protection is known as “bandhan”. Imagine drawing a rainbow with his right hand from his left hip, over the top of his head and down to his right hip and back again. Back and forth is considered one time. Just as there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven chakras in the subtle system, your child should do this seven times to do a full bandhan.

You and the student can sing the rainbow song:

Rainbow, Rainbow, full of colours shining over me.

Rainbow, Rainbow, full of colours always shelters me

How to raise your energy and protect your body

Welcome to Meditation & Play


Meditation and Play is the name of our meditation sessions for kids.

Teachers and children learn simple meditation techniques in a playful way through music and movement.

To start, there are a few webpages to read. Spend a few minutes to read these three webpages to learn about Sahaj Meditation, its history, as well as about the human subtle system:

Here is the web site:

Now you are ready to experience the awakening of your Kundalini energy, a process that is known as Self-Realization. Follow the instructions on this webpage:

Awakening  The Child’s Kundalini

After you have experienced the Kundalini awakening, it will be fabulous to share this experience with the children and give them the chance to awaken their Kundalini too.

What is the Kundalini?

You can tell the child that everybody has a spiral energy called Kundalini that looks like a golden star inside of us and it is located in the lower part of his tummy. The Kundalini is very friendly and intelligent because it knows us very well and takes care of us like daddy and mommy do. Meditating with the Kundalini is the most beautiful experience that Mother Nature can give us.

Please follow these steps in order to awaken your child’s Kundalini:

Once you have explained what the Kundalini is, please invite the child to sit quietly near you on the ground (or in a comfortable chair if you prefer) and ask him to put his palms on his lap.

Ask the child to put his right hand on his heart and say this wish out-loud 3 times:

“I am the spirit”

Now ask him to put his right hand on the top on his head and move his right hand clock-wise seven times and say the following wish out-loud 7 times:

“Mother Kundalini, please wake up and take care of me.”


When you finish ask him to put back his right hand on his lap and be quiet for a bit so the Kundalini can start rising.

To finish ask the child to put his left hand on the top of his head keeping some distance from the head and ask him if can feel a cool breeze coming out from the top of his head. Then ask him to try with his right hand. Does he feel a cool breeze there too?

Now the child’s Kundalini has awakened. If you want to repeat the exercise you are welcome to, however it is not necessary once it has been done once. You need to meditate daily to nourish the Kundalini and keep it healthy.